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I've hit the 40kg weight loss mark this week - YAY
21 months of eating delicious food and losing weight.

What starts as a diet becomes a way of life
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Lose weight all-year round.
Save money with seasonal ingredients at their 'tastiest best'.
Enjoy plenty of variety with meals that change with the season.
Blast your body with natural nutrients and feel better than you could possibly imagine.
Balance blood sugar levels daily with a delicious green smoothie, and three satisfying meals.
Save time with easy, quick-to-prepare mouthwatering meals.
Learn how to keep the weight off for good, without giving up on parties, eating out or treats!

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Support from the Greengrocer's Diet tribe community. Through a closed Facebook page, you and your tribe can stay motivated, seek advice, and share your successes every step of the way.
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Access to discounts from participating greengrocers.

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